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8' to 4' LED Conversion

Scope: Retrofit 22 fixtures from 2 lamp F96T12 to 2 lamp 4’ LED Bypass lamps

BKY Lighting assisted in converting 2 lamp F96T12 fixtures into 2 lamp 4’ LED bypass fixtures. This was used with our 8’ prewired conversion kit which provides quick and easy installation. Just remove the ballast cover, ballast and existing sockets. Install included new sockets and ground wire then connect power using the provided quick disconnect harness. If an 80 year old man can install them so can you!

BKY Lighting helped the customer through the rebate process receiving 1/2 the project cost back.


  • From 145w/fixture to 30w/fixture

  • From 10,000 hour lamps to 50,000 hour LEDs

  • Expected ROI 1.2 years

  • Estimated savings of $650/year

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