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High Bay + Sensors

TI Project through Rocky Mountain Electric for Northrop Grumman

High Bay dual tech sensors


Scope: Remove 72 - 400w HPS high bay fixtures and install 35 -135w LED high bay fixtures with motion/daylight sensors


Realize the added value that lighting controls can add to any space with an average of 47% additional savings. Warehouses have an average of 85%*. When factoring daylight harvesting sensors, customers can realize an additional 3-7% savings*. Northrop was a perfect candidate for this product as they have large sky lights in their warehouse. The sensors installed will only trip the lights on when there is occupancy AND the ambient light is below the threshold. When commissioning their system, on average only 8 of the 35 lights would come on due to the light entering the space through the sky lights. Not only will the lights only come on when motion is detected, but they will only come on if motion is detected AND the ambient light is low enough to warrant it. *DLC 2018



From 28,000 uncontrolled watts to 4,725 controlled watts

  • From 10,000 hour lamps to 50,000 hour LEDs

  • Expected ROI 0.5 years

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