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• Double energy saving

• Double Ended Ballast bypass design saves time and hassle for field technicians

• Consistent light distribution across both faces of the sign

• Available in lengths ranging from 18” to 120”

• Rotatable R17D (HO) end cap that swivels ensuring tube can be adjusted regardless of socket orientation in sign

• Aluminum heatsink ensures LEDs run cooler for longer and plastic construction ensure less breakage

Keystone’s LED sign tubes provide a quick and efficient LED installation. These tubes bypass the ballast eliminating extra work and equipment. The wide light distribution provides for no shadowing and no hotspots, all while giving a 50,000 hour lifetime. The singles-sided sign tube can be used for retrofits or new installations. The double-ended sign tube can be used for retrofits and new installs, as well as, single- or double-sided signs.

Double-Sided Options

Single-Sided Options

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